4045 Ice Age Ice Maker4045 ICE AGE ICE MAKER FROM BETEC

Price:    £335.00

The 4045 Ice Age ice maker is a high quality ice maker machine from BETEC which is capable of producing a whopping 20KGs of ice cubes in 24 hours.  What really stands out about this ice maker is that the ice cubes are really close to being cubes!  Instead of the bullet shaped ice you ususally get from other ice makers you get squared (plate shaped) and crystal clear ice cubes from this one.  The combination of the “ZEL“ compressor and cooling system and the high-tec water spray ice production makes this possible.  The cubes are delivered fast and in an impressive high quality.

The 4045 Ice Age has a 3 litre water tank for manual filling but it can also be connected to an external water supply.  Please note though that a water pipe for external use is not included in the package.  An ice scoop is however which comes in handy when you want to serve the fresh ice.

You can choose one of three sizes for the ice cubes, small, medium and large.  The design of this ice maker is very nice, it has a brush finished stainless steel body and not only does it look the part, it can also deliver fresh ice cubes for your home, office, restaurant, bar, hotel or any event or gathering.


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4045 ICE AGE Ice Maker from BETEC