Price:    £35.98

The Andrew James Ice Crusher Machine is the perfect companion to the Andrew James Ice Maker machine or any other ice maker machine on our list of the best in 2018.  Ideal for all kinds of events and parties where refreshing drinks are to be served whether it is ice cold slushies or frozen cocktails.

The grinder and stirrer in this Andrew James Ice Crusher Machine are adjustable so you can choose between fine or coarse shaved ice.

The serving can hold up to 1 litre of ice and liquid and the handy measuring guide tells you how much liquid should be added per quantity of ice.  You‘ll have a perfect slush every time.

An added value is the design of The Andrew James Ice Crusher Machine. It comes in a very nice looking retro design which will surely impress your guests. The Andrew James Ice Crusher Machine looks great on any tabletop.


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User reviews (from

“ Used it first night and loved it, brought back good memories. Recommended.“

“This has been, very popular in our house. Makes perfect slushy, really easy to use and to clean.“

“ Excellent ….. bought for my son’s birthday present as he wanted a slushy maker but the reviews were not good. Bought the syrups and the children tell me that it tastes identically to the ones bought in the shops!

Andrew James as a company were fantastic too, as i needed the item quickly and they made it happen.

Fantastic service, fantastic product. Thank you.“

Andrew James Ice Crusher Machine