Our Best Ice Maker under £200 list features some great machines to have if you’re looking for a reliable ice maker for your family to enjoy.  These particular ice makers are also well capable of catering for any type of event, large or small.

It‘s easy to get lost when looking for a quality ice maker machine.  There are a lot of varieties out there but to make it easier for you we have put together a list of our top picks in the category ‘Best Ice Maker under £200‘.  Check out our top four below.




Counter Top Ice Maker Machine by ThinkGizmos (RRP: £144.99)

Best Ice Maker under £200 - Ice Maker Machine by ThinkGizmosIt‘s quite fair to say that this compact ice maker from ThinkGizmos is the best ice maker under £200 on the market today.  At least it‘s hard to find a better one according to the rave reviews it‘s getting.  It‘s easy to use, it looks good and most importantly, it delivers fresh ice cubes quickly and efficiently without making much noise or needing any plumbing.

We really don‘t need to say much more about this brilliant ice maker, it tops our list as the best ice maker under £200.  Highly recommended!

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VonShef Digital Ice Maker and Dispenser Machine (RRP: £199.99)

Best Ice Maker under £200 - VonShef Digital Ice Maker and Dispenser MachineThis ice maker from VonShef has a dual functionality, it not only makes the ice cubes for you but it dispenses them as well.  So there‘s no need for buying a scoop with this one.  It also has a convenient digital LCD display which tells you if the ice compartment is full or if the water reservoir needs to be filled.

The VonShef is stylish in its silver design and it‘s also very practical in any kitchen as it has compact dimensions and also includes a built in drip tray which will make sure that your countertop will stay free of any unwanted spills.

The sleek design and practicality of this ice maker make it a solid entry on our ‘Best Ice Maker under £200‘ list.

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Reggio IWMD100SV Ice Maker and Water Dispenser (RRP: £169.99)

Best Ice Maker under £200 - Reggio Portable Ice Maker and Water DispenserHere we have an ice maker which, like the VonShef above, has a dual functionality.  It will make fresh ice cubes but it also can provide chilled water so it is a convenient little machine for any party or gathering with fresh beverages on offer.

The standout feature of this ice maker is the ice cube dispenser nozzle at the front.  There‘s no need for a scoop to fish out the cubes when they‘re ready, you only need to place your glass under the nozzle and press a button.  This Reggio ice maker is efficient and user friendly and a worthy contender on our ‘Best Ice Maker under £200‘ list.

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Klarstein Mr. Black Frost Ice Maker (RRP: £174.99)

Best Ice Maker under £200 - Klarstein Mr BlackMr. Black from Klarstein is the last ice maker we feature on our ‘Best Ice Maker under £ 200‘ list.  This ice maker is quite powerful and has a large water tank so it‘s able to cater for any small- and medium- sized events.  It‘s production capacity is up to 15KG of ice per day.  This makes it possible to use it any small bar as well as any household.

It‘s nicely designed and looks good on any countertop.  Furthermore it is relatively quiet, user friendly and very easy to clean.

This ice maker can also be purchased in silver.

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