Subcold IcePlus counter top ice makerSUBCOLD ICEPLUS+  COUNTER TOP ICE MAKER

Price:    £129.99

The new 2018 model of the Subcold IcePlus+ Counter Top Ice Maker is an exciting addition to the world of portable ice makers.  The first thing you notice is the modern look and cool design of the machine.  But if you look under the hood you might be up for a few surprises.

This great counter top ice maker has so many nice features.  First off, it is capable of producing up to a whopping 20-25 kg’s of ice every 24 hours.  Which means that for a fully portable ice maker with no plumbing required, it has the highest production capacity of all counter top machines on the market today.

Other cool features include the super fast ice production of 9 cubes per cycle in under 6 minutes.  Also, the size of the cubes is automatically selected based on the room temperature.  This certainly is a portable ice maker for the modern day and age.

Like a lot of other ice makers on the market the IcePlus+ from Subcold lets you know if when it‘s full of ice or if the water supply is out.  Both the water container as well as the ice bucket, which is removable by the way, are quite large.  This ice maker is very efficient and will operate with low noise and low energy consumption.  There is no drainage or plumbing required making this ice machine easily portable.

This great countertop ice maker is the perfect solution for any bar, restaurant or café.  It will also ensure that your party, BBQ or other event will not run out of ice.


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User reviews (from

“I purchased this machine primarily for use over the Christmas period but it has rapidly become a kitchen necessity. It’s a solid product and looks amazing. The grey goes perfectly it our kitchen. The machine produces ice at an incredible rate, it’s a very clever design. No more fighting with the freezer trying to squeeze in bags of ice. I can see this machine paying for itself very quickly.“

“Five stars. Well pleased.“

“I ordered this due to its unique design. It’s different from those tired looking ice makers flooding the market. I didn’t expect it to work this great too! In only about 10 minutes, first batch of ice came out already! I’m ordering more as Xmas gifts.“


Counter Top Ice Maker – Subcold IcePlus+