Price:    £939.00

With the output capacity the Hoshizaki KM-35A is capable of producing and the fact that it is not portable, it is mainly suitable for professional use.  Any club, bar, pub, restaurant or café would be well equipped with one of these machines.   It is capable of producing up to 36 kgs of ice every 24 hours.

This ice maker is built in a rugged industrial manner and it should be able to serve any establishment.  Plumbing is required for this machine but it is low on water and energy consumption and is easily accessible for service via the front of the unit.

What‘s really nice about the Hoshizaki KM-35A ice maker is the actual ice it produces.  It is crystal clear and is crescent shaped so it looks great in whatever kind of drink it is put into.


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Hoshizaki KM-35A Ice Cube Maker