Best Ice Cube Maker Under £100

The best ice cube maker under £100 might be just what you’re looking for.  Whether it‘s a hot summer day or you just feel like having a nice cold drink anyway, it doesn‘t have to cost a fortune to be able to chuck some fresh ice cubes into your glass at a short notice.  Some drinks also just look and taste so much better with some ice thrown in.

There is quite a lot of choice and a large range of prices but today we will take a look at the best ice makers under £100.  The three machines we have chosen for you all have great reviews and are certain to do a top job for you.


Chinkyboo Silver Electrical Ice Maker (RRP: £90.99)

Electrical Ice Cube Maker Machine from chinkybooIf room is an issue or if you want to be a bit more mobile then you should take a look at the Chinkyboo Super Smart Electrical Ice Cube Maker.  It does not have the all the options as the more expensive ones but it delivers the goods all the same.

This highly portable ice maker machine is lightweight and has small dimensions so it will fit anywhere you want it to.  The dimensions are the main selling point here since it‘s much more practical when space is more limited.  Add the price and you have a combo which can‘t really go wrong.


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VonShef Ice Maker Machine (RRP: £89.99)

VonShef Compact Ice Maker MachineThis great ice maker from VonShef is another really portable ice cube maker, simple to operate with straightforward options.  It‘s the perfect companion for parties, BBQs or other events requiring ice cubes within minutes of starting.

The compact stainless steel design holds 2.2 litre water capacity, 0.8 KG ice capacity and has a button control panel with automatic alarms for ‘Ice Full‘ and ‘Water Empty‘.

Although it‘s not as popular as the chinkyboo the VonShef is still a great ice maker machine for any household and is very affordable.


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Andrew James Red Compact Counter Top Ice Maker Machine (RRP: £109.99)

Andrew James Compact Counter Top Ice Maker MachineThe last ice maker machine in our selection of the best under £100 is the slimline model of the Andrew James Compact which comes in a really nice red colour.  Like the chinkyboo and the VonShef machines this one is easily portable as it does not require any plumbing meaning that you can take it literally wherever you want.

It‘s quick to start producing ice cubes after the initial plug-in and will keep the fresh ice coming until the relatively big water container is empty giving you 700g of ice which should do the job for the BBQ, garden party or any other event.

Although it breaks the £100 limit slightly we include it here as we think value for money is extra good with this ice maker.

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You might be tight for space or on a low budget but that does not mean you cannot whip out some tasty and chilling drinks for yourself or your guests.  Fancy some ice cold fruity drinks, milkshakes, smoothies or even iced tea or coffee?  You won‘t have a problem doing that with any of the 3 ice makers featured here, they‘re all fantastic options.