With March around the corner we‘re almost into spring which means that before we know it we will be trying to get through the next heatwave.  In sweltering conditions.  We hope.  But all jokes aside it is a good idea to be prepared and make sure you have got some fresh ice for your drinks when you need it.  The party, BBQ or if you just need that ice cold drink on a hot day.  Our top picks of ice machines for 2018 will help you choose the right one for you.

The three ice machines we have picked cover different styles and range in price from around £100 to £230.  The 2018 model of SubCold IcePlus+ is an excellent choice for any location as it is quite compact.  It also has one of the highest production capacity of all counter top ice machines on the market today.  The ThinkGizmos ice maker is a top seller and gets rave reviews time and time again.  Perfect for any household or office.  The Ice Volcano from Klarstein is very fast and efficient and although it is a bit more expensive than the other two it makes up for it in terms of features, quiet working noise and freshness of ice.  Check out the specifications below and see which one fits the bill for your needs.




SubCold IcePlus+ Counter Top Ice Maker (RRP: 99.99)Top 3 Ice Machines - Subcold IcePlus

The IcePlus+ is a new model for 2018 and it‘s fair to say that with this Ice maker Subcold have raised the bar for portable ice makers.  This little gem is fast, efficient, simple to use and can produce a lot more ice per 24 hours than any other ice machines on the market today.

It has a few other features which really make it stand out and then it just looks great.  It could be said that this ice maker machine provides value for money which is hard to find in other machines out there.  Even the best ones.

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ThinkGizmos Counter Top Ice Machine (RRP: £139.99)Top 3 Ice Machines - Ice Maker by ThinkGizmos

We have already included the ThinkGizmos ice maker in our Ice Makers Review UK 2017 article as well as our list of best ice makers under £200.  There is a simple reason for that.  Hundreds of happy buyers have given this great ice maker machine a five star rating.  They are super happy with it and so is Amazon as this unit has received the status Amazon‘s choice.  The ThinkGizmos is compact and ideal for any household, office, boat, caravan or even small pub or restaurant.  This best selling ice cube maker is also easily portable as there is no plumbing required.

It has lights on the front panel and will warn you if the water tank is empty or if the ice basket is full.  There is also a convenient viewing window to monitor ice production progress.  A drain plug is provided to easily empty unused water after use.

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Klarstein Ice Volcano 2GS (RRP: 299.99)Top 3 Ice Machines - Klarstein Ice Volcano

Klarstein is an experienced manufacturer on the portable ice machine market and their Ice Volcano is a serious player in terms of high quality.  You could say that everything is taken care of here.  The Volcano is fast and efficient but compact and quiet at the same time.  It has a lot of features which enhance the ease of use and above all, the inner workings of this great ice machine are taste neutral which guarantee the freshness of the ice it produces.

Our favourite feature of the Ice Volcano is the ability to program the start and stop timers for ice production.  This is a cool feature enabling you to have fresh ice ready at your convenience.  Higly recommended.

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The ice machines featured above are of great quality and cover a wide range in terms of features and prices.  Whatever your needs, chances are they can be met with one of these great ice machines on the market for 2018.  Prepare for the heatwave!