The portable ice maker machine has become increasingly popular over the last few years.  And not just in summer houses, boats and caravans.  The number of households which have one is growing fast.  That is because they are great to have for every occasion.  Refreshments or drinks served with ice are so much more appealing than ones without it.  And they just taste so much better as well.

There are roughly three main reasons people are buying ice makers.  The first and most obvious one is that it‘s great to be able to produce fresh ice whenever you want it.  Let‘s say it‘s high summer, the sun is out and it‘s a very hot day.  You decide it‘s time for a nice and refreshing drink.  Would it not be better to have it served ice cold with fresh ice cubes made in only minutes?  Of course it would.

The second reason more people buy ice makers nowadays is that they are becoming more affordable.  You can get a high quality ice maker able to produce ice cubes for your parties or events without having to go broke.

Finally, the third reason is they are easy to find and get.  There is also more variety in ice maker machine types than ever before.  You can buy one and have it delivered to your doorstep in a couple of days by the click of a button.

Because of the increased variety in ice maker types nowadays and the many options you have for price, size, ice cube output etc. it might seem like bit of a problem to choose the one for you.  Don‘t fret because that‘s where we come into the picture.  We have picked out a few ice maker machines below which all share a common theme; great quality at a relatively great price.

Like we did in our Ice Makers Review UK 2017 we have made sure that our list covers a wide spectrum with regard to styles and price range.  Below are our top picks for great ice makers which are suitable for any household, boat or caravan.  But we have also picked a couple of high quality ice maker machines which are perfect for any small pub, bar or restaurant.  So you will indeed find a great variety of ice makers and don‘t have to look any further when deciding which one you‘ll buy.

We start off with the ThinkGizmos for what we believe are obvious reasons; customer satisfaction!  Then we take a look at a brand new ice maker from Klarstein which offers something different in terms of shape and size of the ice cubes.  Next up is the Andrew James compact ice maker machine which is a worthy contender to the ThinkGizmos in terms of compactness, price and output.  It gets rave reviews from buyers and is also Amazon‘s choice.

After that we move more into ice makers with higher output capacity which are suitable for bars, restaurants and clubs as well as households.  The first, and the fourth overall, is a reliable ice maker machine from Polar which has got some nice reviews.  Next up is a new 5-star model from Subcold, the IcePlus+.  Like the Polar it is suitable for both professional and home use.  It is a very efficient, high output machine with a lot of really nice features.  The last ice maker machine we look at is more suited to professional use and it has different features in terms of ice cube shape.  Whatever your needs are you will surely find a suitable ice maker machine from our selection.

Check out the specifications below and see which ice maker machine is the right one for you.




ThinkGizmos Counter Top Ice Maker  (RRP: £139.99)

New Compact Counter Top Ice Maker Machine by ThinkGizmosWe have already included the ThinkGizmos ice maker machine in our Ice Makers Review UK 2017 article as well as our list of best ice makers under £200.  There is a simple reason for that.  Hundreds of happy buyers have given this great ice maker machine a five star rating.  They are super happy with it and so is Amazon as this unit has received the status Amazon‘s choice.  The ThinkGizmos is compact and ideal for any household, office, boat, caravan or even small pub or restaurant.  This best selling ice cube maker is also easily portable as there is no plumbing required.

It has lights on the front panel and will warn you if the water tank is empty or if the ice basket is full.  There is also a convenient viewing window to monitor ice production progress.  A drain plug is provided to easily empty unused water after use.

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Klarstein Kristall Ice Maker  (RRP: £209.99)

Klarstein Kristall Ice Cube MachineThe brand new Kristall Ice Cube Machine from Klarstein is an exciting addition to the portable ice maker market.  Most smaller ice cube machines produce ice in the shape of bullets.  The Kristall from Klarstein does not.  It produces well formed cubes of almost see through crystal ice.  The drinks at your party or event will not only taste great, they will look great as well.

Speaking of looks, it‘s not only the ice cubes themselves which happen to be really eye catching.  This ice maker machine has an elegant housing in minimalist dimensions.  It will look great in any kitchen or at any bar.

The Kristall is a worthy contender to its bullet-shaped ice producing counterparts and although it takes a little bit more time to produce its first batch after starting, the look of the ice cubes themselves make the wait well worthwhile.

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Andrew James Ice Maker (RRP: £117.98)

Andrew James Compact Counter Top Ice Maker MachineIn our list of best ice makers under £100 we featured the Andrew James Compact ice cube machine. We did this even though it cost a tiny bit more than £100 because it is great value for money.  Like the ThinkGizmos this one also has buyers raving about it and as a matter of fact it is also Amazon‘s choice in portable ice makers.

This slimline model is very compact without sacrificing output volume.  It is able to produce up to 15 kg’s of fresh ice in a 24 hour period.  There is no plumbing required which makes it easily portable.  And you can literally have it at any event, BBQ or party.  It delivers the goods.

It is easy to operate via the digital control panel and will indicate if it needs more water or if the ice cube holder is full.  This is a great ice maker  machine which compares well to other brands on the market.

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Polar G620 Counter Top Ice Maker

Polar G620Our list of top 3 ice makers for 2017 included the Polar T315 ice maker which is sturdily built and has been known to be very reliable.  Here we have another model from Polar, the G620.  This ice maker machine is suitable for both professional and home use.  It has a good ice production capacity and people who have bought it agree that it is great value for money.  It‘s simple to use and does what it says on the tin.

The Polar G620 is not as compact as some of the other ice makers we have reviewed here but still, it fits well on any counter top.

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Subcold IcePlus+ Counter Top Ice Maker

The IcePlus+Subcold IcePlus is a new model for 2018 and it‘s fair to say that with this ice maker machine Subcold have raised the bar for portable ice makers.  This little gem is fast, efficient, simple to use and can produce a lot more ice per 24 hours than any other portable ice machine on the market today.

The IcePlus+ from Subcold has a few other features which really make it stand out and then it just looks great.  It could be said that this ice maker provides value for money which is better than in other machines out there.  Even the best ones.

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Hoshizaki KM-35A Ice Cube Maker (RRP: £939)

Hoshizaki KM-35AThe last ice cube maker in this article might be a tad too big for the average household.  So if you‘re looking for an ice maker to have at home you might want to skip this one.

The Hoshizaki KM-35A would really come into its own in any bar, restaurant, pub or club.  It produces beautiful and extremely fresh looking crescent shaped ice which is crystal clear.  Plumbing is required on this one so it is not as portable as the others we have covered above.

While the average portable ice maker machine has a production capacity of around 15 kg’s per 24 hours the Hoshizaki KM-35A is able to produce up to a whopping 36 kg’s in the same amount of time.

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We have covered a wide range in terms of types, features and prices of ice makers in this guide to the best ice maker machines on the market for 2018.  We feel that each one of the six ice makers we have highlighted stands out in one way or another.  Check them out right now to see if any of them suits your needs.  Then sit back and look forward to an ice cold refreshing drink in the weeks, months and years to come.