Price:    £299.99

You want an ice maker which is easy to operate, makes fresh ice cubes fast and is compact and quiet?  Look no further than the Ice Volcano from Klarstein.

This portable ice maker is kitchen and countertop friendly.  Thererfore it is ideal for any event or a party where refreshing ice cubes are needed.  And it will make sure that no one has to wait for their drinks to be ready.  It is very fast and highly efficient.

The Ice Volcano from Klarstein produces up to 12 kg of ice cubes in a 24 hour period.  When you turn it on you quickly get an eruption of refreshing ice into the storage container which holds up to 0.6 kgs of ice cubes.  The ice cubes come in two sizes; large and small.  A warning signal will indicate if the 2-litre tank is empty or if the storage container is full.

The Klarstein Ice Volcano is easy to operate via the soft touch control and clear LCD display.  Start and stop timers are easily programmable with just a few touches of a button so you can have fresh ice ready at your convenience.  The Volcano has a quiet working noise and the materials used in its inner workings are taste neutral which will guarantee the freshness of the ice.


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User reviews (from Amazon.co.uk):

“ The machine is very well made and the best looking I have seen, it also produces ice quickly from first start“

“Very good product“


Klarstein Ice Volcano 2GS Ice Maker