Price:    £209.9

The Klarstein Kristall Ice Cube Machine has one specific feature which really makes it stand out from the rest of the leaders on the portabel ice maker market.  It produces crystal clear ice cubes which actually look like cubes and not like bullet shaped ice.  It might seem insignificant but some peoples‘ motto is that it‘s all about the details!

The water tank has a 2.5 litre capacity while the ice cube container can hold up to 600 grams of fresh and crystal clear ice cubes.  It is possible to choose between two sizes of ice cubes.

The control panel is straightforward and easy to use.  At the touch of a button you can serve cool drinks with shapely and extremely fresh looking ice cubes. Whatever the occasion.

The Kristall Ice Cube Machine is very effective and will provide you with up to 15 kg of fresh ice cubes every 24 hours.  You simply fill up the 2.5 litre tank with water, select the ice cube size you prefer and this pretty little machine gets to work.  You will have the first batch of cubes in about 27 minutes if you select the small size, otherwise it‘s about 30 minutes.  Every 20 or 23 minutes, depending on size, you will get a new batch.

For ease of use the ice cube container can be removed.  The water and ice level is displayed on the control panel and warning lights indicate if water is needed or if the ice cube holder is full.


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User reviews (from Amazon.co.uk):

“Really like the machine, quick good sized quick ice. Not too noisy. I think this device works better than the bobbin style ice makers.“


Klarstein Kristall Ice Cube Machine