Price:    £299.99

The Polar G620 Counter Top Ice Maker is well suited for small restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs.  It is capable of producing up to 15 kgs of fresh ice cubes  Although it might be more suited to various establishments as stated above, it could be the perfect fit for large households.  For someone hosting different events or parties on a regular basis it might also be the ice maker to go for.  Previous buyers have noted that this ice cube machine has quickly paid for itself with the amount of ice they use.

The Polar G620 Counter Top Ice Maker is easy to use.  To fill it up and drain is straightforward.  You lift the lid and fill the water reservoir and then wait for the ice to fill the internal removable basket.

When the ice cubes have been produced they fall into the storage compartment which can hold up to 2 kgs of fresh ice.


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User reviews (from Amazon.co.uk):

“A great investment we love our ice machine, it produces ice so quickly. No more running round supermarkets in the summer when we’re having bbq’s“

“Should have bought it 10 years ago!  Perfecto“

“ Super ice maker, very pleased“


Polar G620 Counter Top Ice Maker