Polar Ice Machine - ZB15 Counter TopPOLAR ICE MACHINE – ZB15 Counter Top

Price:    £252.00

The Polar ZB15 is the perfect fit when you need a reliable and industrious ice maker capable of producing a lot of ice.  There is not water drainage connection required as it is filled manually so it can be stored literally anywhere.

The high production capacity is evident in the fact that this sturdy counter top ice maker will deliver 12 bullet shaped cubes every 10 minutes.  You would have to throw quite a large party or a BBQ to ever run out of ice with this great machine.  This Polar Ice Machine would also be a perfect fit for the small bar or pub, or even restaurant.

Like many other high end counter top ice makers, this Polar ZB15 offers the choice of small, medium or large cubes.

We have featured this great ice maker on our list of the best ice maker machines for 2017.

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User reviews of the Polar Ice Machine – ZB15 (from Amazon.co.uk):

“Great item.“

“A great investment we love our ice machine, it produces ice so quickly.  No more running round supermarkets in the summer when we‘re having bbq‘s.“

“Good quality!“

Polar Ice Machine – ZB15 Counter Top