Polar Ice Maker - T315 Counter Top Ice MakerPOLAR ICE MAKER T315

Price:    £199.50

This Polar T315 ice maker machine gives you a choice of small, medium or large cubes.  It is attractively designed with a black finish and is suitable for all occasions or establishments, large or small, where ice cold refreshments are to be served.  It has compact dimensions and with no water drainage connection required this counter top ice maker is ideal for any location.

The ice maker is easy to fill up and an ice cube scoop is included in the package so there is no need for fishing ice cubes out of the bucket.

The Polar ice maker produces enough cubes to serve quite a lot of drinks but a great advantage is that it only takes about 10-15 minutes to re-fill the bucket so ice cubes are continually being made.  The complete output capability of the machine per 24 hours is 10 kg of ice cubes.

The manufacturer offers 2 years warranty on parts and labour for the Polar T315 ice maker.  The Polar ice maker makes our overall list of the best ice makers for 2017.

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User reviews of the Polar Ice Maker (from Amazon.co.uk):

“ For years I have been buying ice bags at the supermarket at £1.00 a go. Decided to go for an ice machine, saw the polar, decided to go for it. I can’t tell you how happy I am with it. It really makes a lot of ice. It’s definitely a must have. Saves on the cost of buying an American fridge freezer with ice machine. Fantastic“

“ I found this to be an excellent choice for me, I have ice when I need it. It is simple to fill and would be Ideal for families especially in the hot summers“

“ I’ve been using this Ice maker for a few weeks now and i love it.  I can now make a batch of ice in one day and not worry about going to the freezer and finding none left.  First ice is made in 12 minutes (large cubes), so if i have run out in the freezer, its not long before i can have enough for a cold drink.“

Polar Ice Maker – Model T315