Reggio IWMD100SV Portable Ice Maker and Water Dispenser


Price:    £169.99

The Reggio IWMD100SV is a dual functionality machine which can provide chilled water and ice cubes making it an ideal device to have for parties, gatherings and events of all sorts.

It is fully portable with the capacity to produce up to 12kg of ice daily.  It makes 9 ice cubes per cycle and the storage can hold up to 600g of ice.

It differs from many other ice makers because you don‘t have to fish out the cubes when they are ready, you just place your glass under the nozzle and press a button.

The front of the Reggio IWMD100SV Portable Table Top Ice Maker and Water Dispenser has got an easy to use soft touch control and a clearly understandable LED display making the machine even more convenient and user friendly.

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User review (from

“Loving this ice machine. I haven’t found any faults with it, after a few weeks of use. It gives you a full tray of ice in about 30 minutes. It’s very easy to use, with a clear and easy to understand display. You have a choice of large or small ice cubes and it also dispenses cold water from inside the machine. The best thing for me, and what in my opinion makes it stand out above most other ice machines, is that you simply place your cup under the nozzle, press a button and out they come. Simply press the ICE button again to stop it. No messing around with holding the lid open and using a scooper to put the ice in your drink!“

Reggio IWMD100SV Ice Maker and Water Dispenser