Sometimes you can afford to consider options which are well above the low end of the market.  Although a higher price by itself is not a guarantee for better equipment, paying a bit more generally means that you get a higher build quality and more features on the ice maker of your choice.

Below we feature three high-end tabletop ice makers for you to consider if you are looking for a quality ice cube machine for your home or office.



iceQ Stainless Steel Deluxe Tabletop Ice Maker (RRP: £149.99)

Tabletop Ice Maker - iceQ Stainless Steel DeluxeThe cheapest of our high-end recommendations comes with an automatic self-cleaning program which does most of the work for you when cleaning.  Additionally, residual water can be easily removed from the unit via a drain valve.  This self-cleaning feature is a major stand out for an ice maker in this price range.

This powerful tabletop ice maker will produce the first 9 ice cubes 15 minutes after being started.  After that, it will continually deliver 9 additional ice cubes in 10-minute intervals until all the water is used up or the 0.8 litre ice cube holder is full.

The iceQ is easy to operate via the 4 button LCD display.  And for £149.99 it is a fantastic tabletop ice maker that is definitely worth checking out.

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VonShef Digital Ice Maker and Dispenser Machine (RRP: £199.99)

Tabletop Ice Maker - VonShef DigitalPriced a bit more expensively than the iceQ above, the VonShef Digital Ice Maker and Dispenser Machine is quick out of the blocks when started.  The built in compressor quickly and efficiently freezes water from its 1 litre reservoir so you can start producing ice in no time at all.

The digital LCD display will ensure that you know it is time to refill the water reservoir.  Also, it indicates when the ice compartment is full.  And in the case you forget, it shows the type of ice being produced as the VonShef has 3 pre-set settings for different cube sizes ranging from small to large.

The definite stand out feature of this great tabletop ice maker is that it dispenses ice from the front so you don’t have to scoop or fish out the ice when you’re making some nice cold drinks on a hot day.

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Polar ZB15 Counter Top Ice Maker (RRP: £252.00)

Tabletop Ice Maker - Polar ZB15 Counter TopIf you have a large household, throw big parties on a regular basis or just want to make sure that you never run out of ice no matter how creative you get with smoothies, milkshakes, iced tea or any other beverage you might want to consider the ZB15 model from Polar.

This model from Polar is a stylish, well-constructed stainless steel tabletop ice maker capable of supplying enough ice for your household or even smaller bars, cafes or restaurants.  It is designed for stress-free and easy operation, no water connection is required.  Simply lift the lid, fill the water reservoir and fresh ice will fill the internal removable basket which can hold up to 120 cubes.

The front panel allows you to select three different sizes of ice as required (small, medium or large).

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Ice makers can be quite expensive, especially the ones with a very large output capacity which can cover the needs of a pub or a restaurant.  But if you are in the market for a top of the line tabletop ice maker for your household you really should consider the three discussed above.  Of course if money is no object you should definitely check out the Foster FID40 which is the crème de la crème of ice makers.  However, if you cannot afford to spend £3000 on a tabletop ice maker then the iceQ, VonShef or Polar may be the perfect fit for you.