ThinkGizmos ice maker machineThinkGizmos ICE MAKER

Price:     £144.99

This ThinkGizmos ice maker machine has an impressive 3 ice cube size options (S/M/L) and a fast ice production which makes it ideal for the party, the BBQ or any other occasion.  It has very compact dimensions so it‘s perfect for your kitchen, office, boat, caravan or other location.  This is a truly portable ice maker as no plumbing is required.

It is literally plug-and-play with this one as it produces the first batch of ice cubes in about 10 minutes after being plugged in and filled with water.  Which makes it one of the fastest domestic ice cube machines in the UK.

It‘s not just fast but looks really good on any counter top and has a large water storage enabling the production of 12-15 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours with a very low noise level.

The ThinkGizmos ice maker is very easy to use and has a display window for checking the ice production progress.  It also has a side drain plug to empty unused water after use.  So no scooping of water is needed compared to other models which don‘t have this option.

12 month warranty is a standard on this ice maker machine.  The ThinkGizmos ice maker tops our overall list of the best ice makers for 2017.


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User reviews of the ThinkGizmos ice maker (from

“ This is an amazing machine, I would recommend it to anyone.“

“My family are so grateful that I bought this ice machine. It is great quality and much quieter than the one I had previously.“

“ We’ve just moved house and don’t have a freezer. When I thought about it, about the only thing we ever used our old freezer for was ice, so I bought this. Just a super piece of kit. Turn it on and ice starts dropping in about 5 mins. It’s a good idea to turn it on 30 mins before guests arrive, but after that you are all set. As much ice as you need even with 10 or 12 people. I use it all the time. It’s brilliant.“




ThinkGizmos ice maker machine