We all love a nice cold drink on a hot day but preparing the ice with the old trays can be a bit of a pain not to mention just remembering to fill them up in the first place.  This is where ice makers come into their own.  Just by plugging one in you could have fresh ice cubes within only a few minutes.  There are many great ice makers on the market today so we have searched through them all to bring you our top 3 ice makers.

The three ice maker machines we have picked cover varied styles and range in price from around £120 to £200.  The ice cube maker from TecTake is perfect for any location as it is quite compact and efficient.  The ones from ThinkGizmos and Polar are more versatile and roburst and are ideal for  the household, office or even professional use.  Check out the specifications below and see which one is best for you.



ThinkGizmos Counter Top Ice Machine (RRP: £144.99)

Top Ice Makers - Ice Maker Machine by ThinkGizmosThe ThinkGizmos is a best selling ice maker which is perfect for your household or office.  It sits on a countertop and has quite compact dimensions.  Add the fact that there is no plumbing required and you have a truly portable ice maker with a large production capacity.

It has lights on the front panel and will warn you if the water tank is empty or if the ice basket is full.  There is also a convenient viewing window to monitor ice production progress.  A drain plug is provided to easily empty unused water after use.

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TecTake Deluxe Ice Maker Machine (RRP: £119.99)

Top Ice Makers - TecTake Deluxe Ice Maker MachineThe TecTake is really compact and a perfect fit for smaller places such as boats, caravans or even small kitchens.  That does not mean that it lacks good production capacity though.  It‘s fast, efficient and the low noise level makes it ideal for households with joined kitchen/living areas.  Added benefits of this ice maker are its ease of use and cleaning.

This is a very popular ice maker with some great reviews from people who already own one.

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Polar T315 Counter Top Ice Maker (RRP: £199.50)

Top Ice Makers - Counter Top Ice Maker by PolarA robust, high quality ice maker machine which comes in a matt black finish and would be a great addition to any establishment where ice cold refreshments are served.  It can be placed in a location to suit your choosing as it does not require a water drainage connection.

You can stop carrying ice bags back from the supermarket which not only costs you a lot of money in the long run but also take up valuable freezer space.

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Owning an ice maker machine has become increasingly popular in the recent years as more and more people find it inconvenient to keep lugging ready frozen cubes home from the supermarket.  You have got quite a few options when you make the decision to buy an ice maker machine.  Here we have highlighted 3 great ice makers that will appeal to different types of people with different needs.  Check them out to see if one of them is right for you.