VonShef Compact Ice Maker MachineVonShef COMPACT ICE MAKER MACHINE

Price:    £89.99

This portable and compact ice maker from VonShef is the perfect companion for parties, BBQs or any other event which requires ready made ice.  With compact size, low operation noise, quick ice making lead time and the capacity to produce up to 12 KGs of ice in 24 hours it fits the bill perfectly when you want an ice maker which produces the goods in a short time.  Without taking up a lot of space or making annoyingly loud noise when turned on.

The VonShef‘s compact stainless steel design holds 2.2 litre water capacity and 0.8 KG ice capacity and is operated via push buttons and LED indicators (add water warning, ice full warning and operating LED) on the control panel.

It is simple to operate this ice maker and although it only produces a ‘one size fits all‘ ice bullets it is quick and efficient and doesn‘t cost a fortune.

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User reviews of the VonShef Compact Ice Maker (from Amazon.co.uk):

“ Very happy with the one I purchased.“

“Great ice maker, I bought one for myself as I didn’t want a built in one taking up too much freezer space.  It’s really good, it only makes one size ice cube, but who cares?  It’s ice!“

“ My Shef Ice Maker is a simple to operate well designed stainless steel unit which produces batches of 9 bullet shaped hollow ice thimbles (generally in less than 10 minutes, slightly longer for the first batch). Many of the dearer ice makers offer a choice of 3 bullet sizes whereas the Shef produces just the one sized larger bullet, a fact perhaps reflected in it’s somewhat cheaper price (I previously had the much dearer Polar T315 which offered 3 sizes BUT I only ever used one size).“

VonShef Compact Ice Maker Machine