VonShef Ice Maker - Digital Ice Maker and Dispenser MachineVONSHEF ICE MAKER AND DISPENSER MACHINE

Price:    £199.99

The VonShef Digital Ice Maker and Dispencer Machine has dual functionality, it makes ice and dispenses it.  It has a stylish silver design and its compact dimensions make it ideal for any household or location.  You literally just need to switch it on and you will be ready to serve some cool and refreshing drinks.  In only a few minutes.

This VonShef ice maker is capable of producing up to 800g of ice at a time and in a 24 hour period it can produce between 10 and 15 kilograms.  It has a built in compressor which freezes water in a quick and efficient manner.  Consequently, the wait for ice to be ready is minimal.

With the digital LCD display it is easy to know when it is time to refill the water reservoir or see the current  ice cube size being produced.  It also indicates when the ice compartment is full.

The VonShef ice machine has an additional built in drip tray which means that any spills will be prevented making the machine a safe and practical one for any kitchen.  We like it so much that we feature it on our list of best ice makers for 2017.

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User reviews of the VonShef Ice Maker (from Amazon.co.uk):

“Excellent, does exactly what it says and is quiet and quick.“

“Wow, what a piece of kit! Got mine yesterday (having being sat with my neighbour for last few days, stood it where I wanted, waited 2 hours (you MUST do this to let the gasses settle!), filled water container up (takes around 4-5 top-ups from the jug provided), switched it on and I kid you not, 8 ice cubes in just under 10 minutes!!“

“Fantastic, love that it dispenses ice into a glass or jug, from the front. The last machine we had required you to fish the ice out in a basket, and it was a bit messy and ultimately led to the mechanism getting damaged. This one has exceeded expectations. I’d be happy to recoomend it.“

VonShef Ice Maker and Dispenser Machine